The Ecoflex Overlay System has been designed using proven materials and

formulae to repair damaged footways and lightly trafficked areas.


Ecoflex Overlay is a fibre reinforced cold asphalt slurry made up of a polymer

modified emulsion and crushed  graded limestone aggregate .


Ecoflex Overlay is an ideal solution to rejuvenate existing footways and provide

a uniform, skid-resistant,  trip-free surface


Method of Operation


The aggregate together with fibre, water, dye and other additives are discharged into a separate container on the mixer.  Consistency of the mixed slurry is vital if the finished product is to be of uniform colour and texture and the surface to have a good profile.  Our specially designed mixer has a maximum batch weight of 170 kg and the emulsion is added when required enabling the laying operation to have a continuous supply of material at the correct consistency.


The material is laid on the surface using a squeegee to the depth required to achieve adequate run off from the area.


It is then brush-finished using a 24” soft brush to remove any squeegee marks and leave a uniform surface finish, with no visible joints.  


Curing time will vary depending on time of year, however, areas can be trafficked in summer time in as little as 30 minutes.


All areas are coned & taped off until the material has cured.


All ironwork, kerbs and boundaries are masked off to finish the material to a neat line.



Minimum disruption to public

No raising of street furniture required

Environmentally friendly

Most economical footpath repair on the market

Removal and disposal of existing paths is not required.

Colours available are:  Black , Grey, Red, Green 

Mixing Unit
Laying the